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Advantages of IC

There are many reasons engineers and purchasing agents specify investment castings for their projects. Here are just a few:

  • Greater Design freedom
  • Feasibility of replacing two or more fabricated sub-assembling by a single piece casting.
  • Lighter, Stronger components may be designed, without a mismatch, giving an improved aesthetic appearance.
  • The process permits a high level of consistency, batch to batch.
  • Compared to other conventional way of manufacturing castings, with lost wax process close dimensional tolerance of ±0.13mm per 25mm and a fine smooth grain finished from 80 to 120 micron inches, 2.0µ to 3.2µ , are normally achieved.
  • With the ability to produce special alloys to customers' requirements, the choice of metallurgical specifications is virtually unlimited.
  • The light stressed wax impression dies have a very long life and are not costly considering design complexity.
  • If required, minor design modification may be made economically without going for few tooling.
  • Increased productivity can result from reduction or elimination of machining and the consequent deployment of shop floor.
  • Delivery period for repeat orders in large or small quantities can be 3- 4 weeks.
  • Comparatively small orders can be produced at economical prices.
  • A high level of metallurgical integrity and Strength can be achieved in the lost wax process.
Technical Data
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